The Importance of Construction for your Outdoor Lighting

Does the Construction/Composition of the lighting fixture matter for Outdoor Lighting? Yes. Our products are all made from die-cast brass – the most robust metal in the industry. That is why we back our products with a lifetime warranty. Our fixtures are designed to last for a lifetime, in the toughest of conditions, whether it be through extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme exposure to salt, and other elements of the outdoors. Our products can take a beating, and will always hold up. We chose Best Quality Lighting as the brand name for that exact reason; we firmly believe our products are the best in quality. We also give the option to replace bulbs – as bulbs will go out sooner than our fixtures – so that you can extend the life of the fixture, going through bulbs, rather than fixtures themselves. We also have fixtures with LEDs built-in, for example our LV83AB-LED, so that the fixture itself can be designed to be slimmer, utilizing the flexibility and size of LED technology.

Aluminum is popular with homeowners getting into landscape lighting. There is a reason, however, why aluminum fixtures are much cheaper than their brass counterparts. They are cheaper to produce because aluminum is a less durable material than brass. Aluminum fixtures from other landscape lighting manufacturers do not have lifetime warranties; most of the time they are 1 year warranties. Would you want to replace your fixtures every year? It is not only more cost-efficient to have brass fixtures – especially as the years pile on – but you save yourself the pain of having to repurchase and reinstall. Aluminum simply cannot withstand outdoor elements, especially in coastal areas. They will corrode, where brass will not.

Choose landscape lighting from BQL, and know you have great customer support, the best warranty in the industry, and fixtures made from the most durable metals possible – brass. Sign up to become a distributor today and take advantage of the promotions and deals we run, or buy from any of our distributors, including Amazon.


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