The Innovative Thin Line Hardscape Series with built-in LED Bulbs

Our Thin Line Hardscape Series products are perfect solutions for lighting deck, steps, and other hardscapes. We have four Thin Line Hardscape products in total, and three come with LED bulbs built-in. Two also come with a metal mounting bracket (one with LED bulbs built-in), which can be used to put the fixture in a variety of spots, especially useful for thin mounting spaces. Check out the pictures to see how these products can be used and mounted. The actual fixtures are made from 100% die-cast brass, and are structurally sound and very durable.  The two products that do not come with a mounting bracket are surface mounted; one is a circular design, the other is a square design. Both surface mounted fixtures come with LED bulbs built-in. All four of the Thin Line Hardscape products come in our Antique Bronze finish. With these hardscape designs, you won’t have to do major timely and costly work to your hardscape (bricks, concrete, rock, wood, and more); a lot of other, more traditional deck and step lights are “flush mounted” which require a lot of reworking to allow fitment. The Thin Line Hardscape series are all very small, yet emit a large amount of light. Our BQL LV86AB-LED (with mounting bracket) of the Thin Line Series has 9 LEDs built-in, and the fixture height is only 0.25’’. Like all of our fixtures, it is low voltage, using 12V. The other 3 Thin Line products are: BQL LV85AB (with mounting bracket, bulb replaceable), BQL LV84AB-LED (surface mounted), and the BQL LV81AB-LED (surface mounted). The Thin Line Series of products are at the forefront of landscape lighting design and technology.

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