Trending Now: Urban Gardens

Trending Now: Urban Gardens

Is it possible to create a natural setting among the concrete and chaos of city life?  Absolutely!  Designing a garden in an urban setting is easy when you have a good design plan.  Think minimalist!  Hardscapes, lighting elements, and low-maintenance plants are key to creating a garden in the urban jungle.

Do you need a place to chill? An urban garden design is appealing to anyone looking for a clean, smart, low maintenance garden solution. Urban professionals, minimalist house enthusiasts, frequent travelers, and the weeding-phobic will find an urban garden ideal. Urban garden designs feature sculptures, architectural planting, outdoor lighting fixtures and beautiful vistas.  With an Urban garden, you can create a space that is both relaxing and interesting.  An urban garden also provides a great outdoor opportunity for entertaining guests.

Gain space and use artificial highlights. A well-designed urban garden provides an additional outdoor room, a livable and tranquil space within the confines of buildings, rooftops, industrial complexes, apartments and condominiums.  The need for plants is minimal; the goal is to create a structure as much as a garden.  An urban garden design uses artificial materials, such as stone, brick, water elements and LED hardscape lighting to create a bold, crisp landscape.

Plants are an important element, but hard landscape features will unify the design. Plants are key to a minimalist design, but it should be the hard landscape features, such as stone, lighting, water fixtures and other hardscape design elements integrated to influence the overall design.


Use similar materials in sculpture and furniture.  All choices regarding hardscape, lighting, water fixtures and furniture need to reflect color, texture and plant decisions.  Essentially, all elements should be unified to create a balanced, subtle, and stylish urban design.  Think chic, refined, minimal, and clean when planning an urban garden.

Use outdoor lighting to compose a twilight garden.   Set the mood during twilight hours with lighting. An urban garden design easily transitions for both day and evening use with proper outdoor lighting choices.  There are several options for outdoor landscape lighting.  Lighting Factory USA (LFU) offers the highest quality die cast brass fixtures with built-in LED bulbs that are sleek with clean lines.  Lighting fixtures include: Pathway; Well; Deck; Step; Underwater; and Spot Lights.  Brass is the preferred metal among industry professionals and projects a stylish, high-end look and feel.  LED bulbs are the most ecologically sound, longest lasting, and cost-effective lighting option available. A green solution leader, LEDs are non-toxic, mercury free and energy efficient.

Use water to create serenity. Water elements should be calm and sedate to create reflective qualities. An unfurling frond of a tree fern or a small waterfall over slate are a few examples for integrating water elements.  Hardscape and underwater lighting fixtures are essential in featuring water structures. Lighting water elements is another way to make the best use of an urban garden as both a day and night outdoor space.

Get professional assistance. It is important to work with a good professional gardener and landscape contractor to accomplish urban garden design goals.  Always feel free to provide any professionals with ideas, inspiration and visual insights.

Use industrial elements to create a minimalist tidiness. Steel, glass, and concrete are all materials heavily featured in minimalist gardens. This “industrial” basis does not mean it has to be stark and unwelcoming, although a good knowledge of how to utilize these materials is essential.

Use horizontal juniper.  A coarse and sharp plant, juniper is low-maintenance and fragrant in the sun’s heat.  Juniper is an excellent feature bush in a minimalist garden because it also acts as a living mulch. The Juniper bush keeps water in the ground and it controls weeds. It acts as a barrier, protecting other plants and trees from hostile elements, such as molds, dehydration, invasive weeds and insects.

Keep the symmetry front and back. The front garden should reflect the back, integrating any features such as sculpture, water or lighting in both spaces. Keep the design clean and simple.  Minimalistic urban garden plans, thoughtfully designed, are functional, easy to maintain and assimilate nature in an industrial environment.

Outdoor landscape lighting improves your home and garden.

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