Types of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

We have low voltage landscape lighting fixtures for every area of your home, garden, and hardscapes.

Pathway Lights: About a foot in height, meant for illuminating pathways. Comes with a ground stake.

Up/Spot Lights: About half a foot to 2/3 foot in height, meant for illuminating walls, shrubbery, trees, and more. Comes with a ground stake.

Underwater Lights: Fully Sealed, submersible light fixtures that illuminate ponds and fountains. Not meant for pools.

Deck/Step Lights: Variable in size, but generally no longer than a foot. Meant for illuminating decks, patios, steps, and other hardscapes.

Wall Lights: Mounted on Walls, these lights illuminate outwards from the fixture. Some fixtures illuminate directly downwards and/or upwards.

Well/In-ground Lights: These lights come in miniature and regular sizes, generally about 1/4 foot in diameter. They are to be placed in the ground, and illuminate upwards and/or outwards.


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