Welcome to Our New Blog! New Promotions!

Welcome to our new blog! We here at Best Quality Lighting will be posting to this blog on a weekly basis. We will be covering everything from promotions, our new social media accounts, technical information, how-tos, product highlights, distributor highlights, benefits of LED lighting, benefits of adding landscape lighting fixtures to your property, incentives for distributors, to developments in the lighting industry, and much more. We hope that you will follow this blog and our fresh round of promotions that will be happening this month and beyond.

This year, many changes will be coming to this website; we hope that the changes will make this website a good platform for vendors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and contractors to use, on both mobile and desktop. The changes will focus on ease-of-use and a more streamlined way to purchase directly through our distributor portal. Our promotions will be spread across multiple platforms, including on this blog, our Facebook page (@BestQualityLighting), our Twitter account (@BQLighting), our LinkedIn company page, and through our Constant Contacts emails. We will be publishing a separate Newsletter that will be sent out by email bi-weekly starting Friday 4/14/17. This newsletter will contain a variety of information and promotions; if you are a distributor for us, please be sure to read our newsletter when you get it!

There is a brand new promotion starting 4/10/17. This promotion is for our popular LV21AB up light – it will be active through 4/14/17 so be sure to take advantage of it! We also have a new promotion for those who like our Facebook page! This is an overall 5% off coupon, usable once for each distributor. http://www.facebook.com/BestQualityLighting – click and like! To redeem, simply give us a call and mention our Facebook promotion, and let us know which user you are on Facebook. Be sure to keep up with this blog in the future for information on more of our promotions!

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